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Click Track Profit is a unique program designed to train you how to build an online business via traffic exchanges and online marketing.  It guides you through the process of signing up for programs, setting up marketing tools, and building your downline in select programs.

The Basics (the Good & the Bad)


  1. Guided process to get you started.
  2. Training on using online marketing tools.
  3. Incentives & bonuses for using their recommended services (these bonuses are not available elsewhere).
  4. Helps you build a downline in select programs.
  5. Referral / Affiliate Program

The Good

  • You can promote Click Track Profit and grow your downline in multiple programs at once.
  • Takes you though set steps, and encourages your downline to do the same, building downlines faster and more consistently.
  • You get the Nerd Surf bonus at participating exchanges, giving you extra credits to use on each exchange.
  • Tries to make the process as fun as possible with games and badges and incentives.
  • Almost all programs they recommend have a free membership level, which allows you to get started inexpensively, and then upgrade as needed as you start earning money.
  • Once you go through their training, you will have the skills and resources to promote other programs.

The Drawbacks

  • Only designed to build downlines in the programs they recommend.
  • They recommend select programs to use, which may duplicate what you already have.  You can either switch to theirs, or adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Although most of the training is free, some steps in the training are only available if you sign up for a paid service they recommend. The paid programs have a free trial though.
  • Like any online business, it takes time to build.

Strategies & Effectiveness

Ways to Increase Effectiveness

  1. Sign up as a referral partner or affiliate for every program they recommend so that you get the most free traffic and/or commissions from people you refer.
  2. Surf the exchanges they recommend to get the Nerd Surf bonus, which gives you additional credits for surfing.
  3. While surfing select exchanges, look for badges you can earn, which unlock different parts of the site or give you additional benefits.

Referral Program

Affiliate / Referral Program

  • Earn commissions when people upgrade their account.
  • Payout is via PayPal.

Promotional Tools

  • Splash pages
  • Banners
  • Example Email

Referral Building & Cross-Promotion

Downline Builder

This site will help you get referrals for the following programs.  Most of the programs are found in the training section, where you can enter your referral IDs as you complete the training.

Cross Promotion

Some programs allow you to cross promote other programs.   If you are a member of any of these programs, be sure to enter your ClickTrackProfit referral ID for the possibility of free referrals.

The Bottom Line


  • Free membership available.
  • Paid upgrade available to get more features.

Why You Should Join

  • Allows you to get referrals for multiple programs by promoting one program.
  • Walks you and your referrals through the process.
  • You get bonuses on other programs just for being a member of Click Track Profit.
  • Makes it a bit more fun than trying to promote each program individually.

How to Join

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