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banner125Sweeva is a unique traffic exchange where everyone sees the same site at the same time, and you bid using your credits to get a time slot. Credits can be earned by viewing websites, or by purchasing them.

The Basics (the Good and the Bad)


  1. Earn Credits for Viewing Websites
  2. Use credits to bid for a time slot when your website is displayed.
  3. Other members view and comment on your website.
  4. Additional credits can be purchased.
  5. Online Chat while viewing websites.
  6. Affiliate / Referral Program

The Good

  • Free source of traffic.
  • You can get feedback on your website or splash page.
  • You can select time slots to bid on, and can be online to talk to the people viewing your website.
  • Fun for people who enjoy bidding.  Bidding for the right time slot at the right amount of credits can give you the best deal.
  • Long counter so people look at your website longer.

The Drawbacks

  • To get the most traffic, you need to be strategic in your bids, otherwise you could pay more credits per view than necessary.
  • Number of viewers depends on how many people are online at that time.  This can vary.
  • Traffic is all at once and not spread out over time.
  • There is no criteria for rating a site other than personal opinion.  This means the quality of feedback can vary from very useful to undue praise.

Strategies & Effectiveness

Ways to Increase Effectiveness

  • Submit quality websites people like.  You get more credits when people rate your website highly.
  • If you are a member of Click Track Profit, enter your Click Track Profit username in your Sweeva profile to get the Nerd Surf bonus.
  • Participate in the community by rating websites and making comments.  You may get more conversions if people know you and trust your recommendations.
  • Get referrals. You will earn free advertising from every active referral.

Integration with Other Sites

This site is integrated with the following websites:

  • You can earn badges from Click Track Profit for surfing this exchange.
  • Nerd Surf – You can get the Nerd Surf bonus by surfing 4 or more Nerd Surf exchanges simultaneously.

Referral Program

Affiliate / Referral Program

  • Earn cash when people purchase credits or a paid membership.
  • Earn credits when people you referred view websites.
  • Payout by PayPal

Promotional Tools

  • Splash pages
  • Banners
  • Email Promo Examples

Referral Building & Cross-Promotion

Downline Builder

  • This site does not have a downline builder section, but is good for promoting your offers.

Cross Promotion

Some programs allow you to cross promote other programs.  If you are a member of any of these programs, be sure to enter your Sweeva referral ID for the possibility of free referrals.

The Bottom Line


  • Free membership level available.
  • Paid upgrade membership level available.
  • Additional credits available for purchase.

Why You Should Join

  • You can be part of a like-minded community of internet promoters.
  • Your websites get views and feedback from other members.
  • You can earn cash and traffic from referrals.

How to Join


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