The Banner Exchange 5/5 (1)

This is a straight-up old school banner exchange, which focuses on exchanging banner ads.

The Basics (The Good & the Bad)


  1. For every two banners you display, you earn 1 display of your banner. (2:1 ratio).
  2. Multiple ad sizes available:
    • Full Banner (468×60 pixels)
    • Leaderboard (728×90 pixels)
    • Medium Rectangle (300×250 pixels)
    • Skyscraper (120×600 pixels)
    • Square Button (125×125 pixels)
  3. You can purchase additional banner impressions if you need more.

The Good

  • Service seems reliable, and most of the ads seem to be respectable services you don’t mind advertising on your website.
  • Uses an iframe to display the ads, so it does not affect your page load speed.
  • No restrictions on other advertising on your website. You are even allowed to use other banner exchanges.
  • There is no indication on your website that the ad is from a banner exchange. It simply looks like another ad on your website.
  • In our test of the service, some of our ads were actually clicked on.
  • Has a referral program where you can earn advertising credits for referrals.

The Drawbacks

  • You host your own banners, so you use your own bandwidth to display your ads.
  • Since people are hosting their own banners, sometimes banners do not load or are slow to load.


  • You can only display one banner from this exchange per page.
  • Only advertising suitable for general audiences accepted.

The Bottom Line


  • No cost to join and be a member.
  • Additional banner displays available for an additional fee.

Why You Should Join

  • If you have a website that is producing traffic and have a little extra space, this will generate some extra advertising for you at no cost.

How to Join

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