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banner125x125Newly Nerdified.  Socially brand yourself with the help of your peers and colleagues.

The Basics (the Good & the Bad)


  1. Manual Traffic Exchange
    • 3:1 surf ratio for free members
    • 1:1 surf ratio for paid members
  2. 4 second timer for viewing websites
  3. Banner Advertising
  4. Affiliate Program – 10% to 30% Commissions

The Good

  • You can earn credits quickly here because they only have a 4 second timer.
  • You can chat with other members, potentially making surfing more interesting.
  • If you are a member of Click Track Profit, you can earn badges by surfing here.

The Drawbacks

  • Since the timer is only 4 seconds, your splash page or website must be very effective.

Strategies & Effectiveness

Ways to Increase Results

  • If you are a member of Click Track Profit, enter your Click Track Profit username in your StartXchange profile to get the Nerd Surf bonus.
  • Get referrals. You will earn free advertising from every active referral.

Integration with Other Sites

This site is integrated with the following websites:

  • TE Command Post – You can check your credits, banners, text links & commissions and more for multiple traffic exchanges (including this one) at TE Command Post.
  • Click Track Profit – You can earn Click Track Profit badges by surfing here.
  • Nerd Surf – You can get the Nerd Surf bonus by surfing 4 or more Nerd Surf exchanges simultaneously.

Referral Program

Affiliate / Referral Program

  • Earn up to 30% cash commissions.
  • Payouts via PayPal.

Promotional Tools

  • Splash pages
  • Banners

Referral Building & Cross-Promotion

Downline Builder

  • This site does not have a downline builder section, but is good for promoting your offers.

Cross Promotion

Some programs allow you to cross promote other programs.  If you are a member of any of these programs, be sure to enter your Thumbvu referral ID for the possibility of free referrals.

The Bottom Line


  • Free membership available.
  • Paid memberships available for additional features.

Why You Should Join

  • A quick way to get your website seen.
  • Earn cash from referrals.

How to Join


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